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  • Isla Boote

Mine in the Future

This poem is about missing someone you love whose presence persists in your memories. Prevailing the yearning for touch and love is hope for the future, which is imminent.

To Rest in the Olive's Branches by Arthur Miller (Instagram: @rthr_art)

Image description: A digital collage exploring intimacy and ease of understanding between two transgender lovers.

Long awaited it has come at last

Some say it’s stupid, yet they are crass.

A melody that is sung all night long

From my lips and spoken with the tongue.

Pools of brown that have seen so much

I am here, but out of touch.

Shortly the distance will vanish

And the fear of physicality will languish.

We have our vision of paradise

But for now, the distance will suffice.

This poem was written by Isla Boote, a MA History and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. It was sourced by Maddie Noton, our Stories Editor.


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