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  • Rose Hartigan

The role and relevancy of Podcasts

Rose Hartigan discusses the importance of podcasts in aiding relaxation, better mental health and education. She then follows with some of her top recommendations to help get you through the rest of the semester:

Artwork by Alison Laing (IG: @alisonlaingart).

A collective experience of university students, who were unlucky enough to start just as the pandemic hit, was that our lives removed revolved around computer screens. A remedy to this new digital life was a daily walk. It was my favourite time of the day, and to provide some company on what could be a lonely time, I discovered the benefit of podcasts.

Taking a daily walk is a great way to unwind and escape. What better way to make your walk even more enjoyable than listening to an interesting podcast? From inspiring conversations to thought-provoking topics, there are plenty of podcasts that can make your daily walks more enjoyable. Here are some podcast suggestions you can listen to on your next wander through the streets of Edinburgh.

Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways to consume content in recent years. They are easily accessible and can be consumed on the go, making them a great way to stay informed and entertained. If, like me, your digestion of world news has become nonexistent since leaving home (and the TV…) then quick snippets of news can keep you well informed and feeling clever enough to engage in the odd debate, because who doesn’t love to appear current? For major world news, try ‘The Globalist’ but for a more condensed, time friendly snippet try the 4minute Times news briefings.

For us students, audiobooks can be a great way to keep up with our studies. For those who are slow readers, or who have difficulty focusing on text for long periods of time, audiobooks can make it much easier to get through course material. As a very slow reader, I have listened to the majority of my books this semester via free audiobooks. It makes the daunting volume of reading much more manageable, and can be done whilst doing tedious tasks and enabling learning on the go.

With an increased focus on mental health, and the correlation between exercise and mental health, combining podcasts with your daily walk can be your new wellness commitment. Podcasts can be a great platform for people to talk about their experiences, and more importantly hearing about other people’s struggles can provide an outlet for people to connect with others who may be going through similar experiences. For something both serious and insightful, try ‘Mental’. For a manual of coping methods, (with the added bonus of an Australian accent). Try, ‘Lets talk about mental heath’ with Jeremy Godwin. Yet for something more conversational, my personal favorite is Fearne Cotton's “Happy Place”.

For true crime fans, Chamelon productions have some intriguing, and at times thrilling, true stories. My favourite of these are Hollywood Con Queen, and Wild Boys. These are perfect for a listener who wants to be thrilled but as someone who is easily scared I can certify that they are wimp friendly! I’m not going to suggest any super scary ones because they creep me out too much.

When I just really need a laugh, James and Fuhad’s ‘ShxtsNGigs’ never fails, and you may recognise them for their viral Ick videos on tiktok. Other great comedy podcasts include the “Joe Rogan Experience”, which is a must listen too. Being from a family of redheads, my favourite ginger funnyman, has to be Andrew Santino, joined by Bobby Lee, on “Bad Friends”.

Last, but not least Podcasts have become a great supplement to sports entertainment. Whether your’e looking for a play-by-play, or a detailed analysis, there’s a podcast for every sports fan. Talk Sport is a popular podcast for sporting news and discussions. If you are a rugby fan, (as who in the UK isn’t?), try ‘The good the bad and the rugby’. Additionally if you're a fan of a less mainstream sport such as MMA, try Ariel Helenai’s MMA hour. It’s a favourite choice of fans, and there are plenty of other great shows in this area that provide exclusive interviews with fighters and trainers, as well as detailed breakdowns of fights.

No matter what your interest is, there's a podcast out there that can make you laugh or cry, inform and entertain.

Happy Walking!


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