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Artist of the Week: Remi Jablecki

Remi Jablecki on the liberating nature of art and how it can be used to build meaningful relationships.

“Prisoner”, acrylic, spray paint, soft-pastels on canvas, 150x100 cm

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Remi Jablecki, studying 3rd Year BA(Hons) Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. I started my journey with art when I lived in Poland. It provided a healing experience to the negative and often hostile environment for Queer People. I moved to Edinburgh five years ago and happily continue the creative practice.

“Sketch for the portrait of the homosexual”, acrylic, spray paint, soft-pastels and charcoal on canvas, 150x100 cm

What is it like to be an artist today?

In times of commodification, and consumerism, it's often hard to produce meaningful objects or interest. It's a process of learning how to take rejections, critique and stay true with your own craft and passion. Being an artist allows me to raise concerns and problems I would not be able to talk about and provides courage and bravery. I have not had a proper experience of the grown art world yet, as I am in the comfort of university, and the facilities it provides. However, the community of fellow talents and creatives have built friendships and meaningful connections. It’s a great part of this journey.

"To unwanted and unheard" - mix-media works installation including twenty-one 3D prints and astroturf rug

Why did you choose the pieces that you have given to the edi magazine?

After the Christmas Break, I changed the approach in my painting practice, as part of continuous development. The pieces I’ve chosen are from my new series of large-scale paintings. Near human-size canvases allowed me to explore the physicality of the materials, and raised interest in a painting process, with a particular focus on mark-making against the sharp line. The abstracted silhouettes denied of their dignity, erased, and unwanted, act as a monument to Queer histories, and communities.


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