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  • Ana King

Artist of the Month: Freya Moran

Curated by Ana King, Freya Moran is the edi magazine's artist of the month for March.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Freya Moran and I’m a fourth-year illustration student at Edinburgh College of Art. Primarily a narrative-based illustrator, my work centres around fairy and folk tales, childhood stories and even song lyrics. My work takes many forms, although I feel very strongly about producing physical, tactile work - from prints and collage to embroidered textile pieces. In many ways, I feel this is what sets me apart from other contemporary illustrators in such a largely digital industry.

What's it like being an artist today?

I’m finding being an artist today an incredibly exciting and encouraging experience. Having made meaningful connections within ECA itself and the wider creative community in Edinburgh, I have been fortunate enough to take part in several student-run exhibitions as well as contributing to magazines such as Headache, GenZ … and now The Edi! Having had such a positive and inclusive experience thus far I am excited to continue exploring collaborations with other creatives, working to help each other build a thriving creative environment.

Why did you choose the pieces that you've given the edi? I hope the pieces I’ve chosen demonstrate the array of media that shapes my visual outcomes. The interdisciplinary practice has always been a huge part of my work, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to narrow my work down to just one medium! These pieces not only highlight some underlying themes within my work such as mysticism and fairy-tales but also recurrences of colour, texture and a few familiar characters that I am beginning to develop


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