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Playlist: Just Joshing Along

Tomos Morgan provides his song recommendations for some much needed escapism.

With six months living in almost complete isolation, there must have been a point where you thought to yourself, how can I upgrade my music playlists. Well I’m here for you, and have crafted an entire playlist just for you to close your eyes and imagine you managed to escape lockdown Britain and flee to Daddy’s summer house in Biarritz. In this section I’ll take you through some of the top picks and why I’ve have chosen them to feature on this playlist.

So with the depressingly British weather settling in, and especially for those of you who are stuck in isolation once again; subscribe to our playlist, sit back and relax.


SOFTLY --- Clairo

This young lil’ girl from Atlanta, Georgia, I hope goes on to find the fame she deserves. Ultimately I would have been happy putting any one of her singles from her recent album Debut Immunity and still be raving about it in the discussion section. This mistress of Lo-Fi pop has collabed with massive artists like Rejjie Snow and shows no signs of stopping her massive fandom growth since her break out single Pretty Girl. If you’re looking for a new reading album or late night study playlist - your girl Clairo is here for you.

ting jeg lurer pa (things I wonder about) --- KA2

A very wacky Norwegian artist, who if you heard some of their other hits, you might genuinely believe you are stuck in a questionable area of Berlin’s clubbing district. Back after not much of a break with their new album of soft chill beats, but still with their original wacky artwork, their upbeat anthems will trick your senses that you could actually be at Reading festival right now.

Good guys -- LANY

I have been entranced by this band since their original sell out Bad, Bad, Bad. Just thinking about every one of these guys' successive albums gets me excited about their future music, as they are on their way to succeed with their soulful synth. With this new tune being born in LA, California, even in lockdown this band can pull together some of the best afterparty tunes.

Lockdown -- Anderson.Paak, JID, Noname

Responding constantly to the criticism of their fans, Anderson.Paak is another soul master featured on this playlist, but also an amazing rapper at that too. Perhaps I only like this remix as it has been the only accurate song to accurately capture the vibes of living through a global pandemic, but the featured artists here steal the spotlight. I have forever been a fan of NoName since her original debut album; she's another one to watch.

Fitness - Freddie

I honestly can’t tell you much about this artist, but he gets featured because he raps about being a power bottom in such a life-changing way. If you’re about supporting an upcoming black and gay artist, he is the only one worth recommending.

Bodies -- The Knocks, MUNA

This more upbeat song is by The Knocks. I can't tell you why but listening to this new hit has a sense of nostalgia that takes me back to the first welcome week I had as a fresher. The electronic Duo (The Knocks) and pop Trio (MUNA) have managed to capture life back when it was easy, the sort of song you picture yourself racing through the town, roof down, speakers up and throwing your hands any which way having one of the best nights of your life.

Real Love x Sunchyme -- Clean Bandit, Dario G, Jess Glynne

A punch of summers missed, and probably only making it to the listen because she is a fellow ginger. Jess Glynne can never do us wrong, and this remix is no exception. Watching us having to recycle old hits can be depressing with a lag of production in the current situation, but this innovative take on the classic makes getting out of bed every morning in a pandemic a little bit easier.

Life’s A Mess -- Juice WRLD, Halsey

I think the most common mindset is to keep calm and keep going as hard as possible, but this song is a gentle reminder it’s okay to take a break sometimes. I think people can become long sighted and put too much pressure to be productive on their vacation, but it's just as important to take time out for yourself.

If We Never Met - John K, Sigala

It's old, it's basic, it’s pop at its finest. There's a lot of time for self-reflection on you and your character at the moment, and we shouldn’t forget all the friends and progress we have made getting into such an amazing university. This song is about meeting the one; I’d probably argue there's multiple people out there perfect for you but that’s not my point here. You meet amazing people everyday and if you look at them as teachers along your way, we wouldn’t take any experiences we gain for granted.

Rager Teenager -- Troye Sivan

I tried, really I did, not to put Troye Sivan on this playlist but I am gay and we didn’t have much of a summer to celebrate pride - did we? His music ages like an Aussie Shiraz, the music growing from a youtuber busting out some songs in a studio to an actual artist on the scene. His new nostalgic hit belongs in a fine shelf of its own unique style, but the subtle beats of what was generic pop now feels more meaningful than just that.


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