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Love Letter to a Cup of Tea

Maddie Noton writes a witty tribute to a cup of tea.

The raindrops are beating against her head,

The wind is rushing, roaring and punching,

It thrashes on down from a stormy bed,

Her hair is fighting the hood it’s scrunched in.

The stairs stand at a height never-ending,

While her door-keys scratch a red-raw knuckle,

Her boots ache from the puddles she’s stepped in.

The door screams a malevolent chuckle.

Yet a shimmer of light graces her eyes, 

Then a click, a splash, a grumble and smoke.

The angel that waited for her to arrive,

Does cosy and homely feelings evoke.

Her thoughts ponder the prospects of supper,

But first she’ll enjoy her much-sought cuppa.


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