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  • Anne Anjali

Let me know me!

A prose piece by Anne Anjali on being comfortable with yourself and embracing change.

Artwork by Pollyanna Esse (Instagram: @ophelia_hare_artist)

All of us admire and want the best version of something, like someone who mesmerises a person with curly hair or silky straight hair but not the person with the person in between.

Similarly, people recognise only if you are a loser or a winner and not an average; little do they fail to realise that these are the people who might be happy with themselves.

It’s an ego that tells us to be better or the best in the world.

In life, we fail to recognise the true purpose, like happiness but in turn, look for something that the society expects from us.

We are the puppets of the people around us and dance according to their tunes - why shall we not create our own story or tune and music to rejoice over?

I confess I was also the one who wanted the world to know me and recognise me as great and unique. But why did I not know that uniqueness lies when realising what my happiness and purpose lie in?

I want to say out loud to the world that I don’t want to be recognised by the whole world but I want just someone to recognise me in the way I am and love me so.

Yes, of course, in my life these might be impermanent things that keep changing in every phase of my life. As the saying goes, “Nothing is permanent, except change” and I want to embrace the change that destiny decides and all that life offers me.

Isn’t it just easy to say all this but tough to do this?…Yes. I also truly believe that you should say it only when you do it or intend to.

My Mum keeps telling me that ‘Faith is the opposite of fear; let troubles rest upon you but never lose faith because it’s just another go at God making you tougher.’

Anne is a student at the Father Muller Medical College in Mangalore, India. This piece was edited by Tamara El-Halawani.

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