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Artist of the Week: Lucas McGregor

Lucas McGregor discusses building confidence, society's constant demands for something new and 'on-trend' and how he incorporates remembrance and nostalgia into his pieces.

Artwork by Lucas McGregor (Instagram: lucas_mcgregorart)

Tell us about yourself.

I am currently in third year of BA painting at Edinburgh College of Art. I started pursuing art as a career path during my final two years of school, I originally intended to study biology but rejected this idea in favour of Fine Art. I did an art and design foundation at Edinburgh College and discovered a love for graphic painting. From there I did a one-year painting course at Leith School of Art which helped me build confidence to apply to ECA.

Artwork by Lucas McGregor (Instagram: lucas_mcgregorart)

What is it like to be an artist today?

I think it’s both parts liberating and overwhelming being an artist today. We are constantly stimulated by different inspirations from internet media which can provide endless resources but can also create an impatient need for new contexts and events. I’ve found myself feeling like time is running out for my work to be relevant – in three weeks it may hold no value. This can be a great tool for motivation but at times it feels like art is respected as a trend rather than a form of expression.

Artwork by Lucas McGregor (Instagram: lucas_mcgregorart)

Why did you choose the pieces that you have given to the edi magazine?

I’ve chosen these three artworks as they represent what I see as my strongest pairings of context and practice. In each work, the goal was to use my thoughts and experiences to create works that people could use to reflect on their own lives – specifically when they were around my age. Much of my work focuses on remembrance and nostalgia, tools that I find extremely important when tackling the present and future. I try to create works that make me feel more comfortable about the unknown that comes next.


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