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Artist of the Week: Leah Moodie

Curated by Ana King, Leah Moodie tells us about the importance of having an online platform during the pandemic and how she makes the familiar feel uncomfortable through her art.

Tell us about yourself.

I graduated from ECA last year with a BA painting degree. I’m originally from Orkney which is an island in the North of Scotland but after graduation, I moved to Glasgow where I now create work from a studio space in my flat. Currently, I work weekends at a restaurant and spend the rest of my time skateboarding and working on pieces for my upcoming exhibitions.

Neither Your Name Nor Mine (Instagram: @leah_moodie)

What’s it like being an artist today?

I have found that an important part of being an artist today is online presence. Instagram is where I have made most of my connections and is a great way to build relationships with those interested in your work by sharing extra information about your process and studio practice. Having an online platform for sharing my work has been especially important with the Covid-19 restrictions.

The Joker (Instagram: @leah_moodie)

Why did you choose the pieces that you’ve given the edi magazine?

These are some of my most recent works which I feel best exemplify my current practice. Atmosphere is something that has fascinated me recently. Inspired by homesickness anxiety, I have been playing around with the tipping point from feeling comfortable in a space to uncomfortable and exploring this through the imagined interiors and quiet dramas I create within my paintings. I aim to trigger a nostalgic feeling of familiarity in the viewer for these loose narratives which they have never experienced.

Exactly No Time At All (Instagram: @leah_moodie)


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